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Apparently, posting nWo tie dye shirts makes me a fashion blogger, you guise. Imma gonna get paid and fashionistas will look at the Sting shirts I post and rock them in the upcoming fall season!

This is awesome!


let me guess,you’ll make 

I sooo just want to delete this blog, and make my video game blog…my only blog that I have.

but i have memories on this blog.


you better not! this blog rules!

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An Open Letter to the Ward Family


I know it’s been a difficult six weeks since the accident that claimed your son, nephew, and friend Kevin Ward, Jr. It has been for all of us because the sport of auto racing – more than any other – is a fraternity and a family. We have all grieved for you, worried about you, and many of us have…


where is the lie



where is the lie


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I think it’s time for a hair cut.

I think it’s time for a hair cut.



in one week i get to find out what the baby isssss :D

anyways rant time;

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or you know he can do what every male in the past has done. rent a hotel room,or do her in a uncomfortable place (aka back seat of a Volkswagen)

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I want to apologize to anarchyteller I was wrong,I always thought bobby said I love ya doc. and I remember sending a message pointing that out. so I’m sorry I was wrong.

I want to apologize to anarchyteller I was wrong,I always thought bobby said I love ya doc. and I remember sending a message pointing that out. so I’m sorry I was wrong.

On the Conspiracy


Apparently we have been hacked and silenced. Or more appropriately someone managed to guess our 8 character alpha numeric password. We have taken step to beef up security and will engage with Indiegogo to repair our service. I can not be sure that records have been properly kept for everyone…



I can’t decode which one to get😕 HELP PLEASE!!😊

The Sheamus one looks the cutest ♥

dean…..get dean

fem·i·nist: (noun) a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes

to be fair Miranda was genetic engineered to be perfect. so I don’t think she fits here. jack or femshep would of been better.

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Anonymous Asked:
What would be your idea of the perfect outcome for SOA's final season?

Queen tara knowles  still alive and it was all a dream that jax was having. That his dream was showing him what it’ll be like if he didn’t leave….

My idea of the perfect outcome of SOA. Gemma, Juice goes to jail for what they did. Tara gets her wish of getting the boys out of charming with Jax + Chibs also Happy ;D They leave the biker life as being mechanic’s for bikes, and cars.   We find more about the homeless girl. Wendy does not get the boys no. Seeing Jax getting a tattoo of Tara on him. Just no more charming life. I wanna see happiness, love, everything that makes me happy. No more violence..

when the final moments play i expect to hear Don’t Fear The Reaper.


"What did you just call me?"

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fucking twd fandom, and the hardcore shippers who take everything serious

can we go back were no one really care about shipping and start over??? and cry because rick found  his family or over that horse that died? jesus people.

It’s disgusting, ugly, rude every god damn thing i can think of.

i hate shippers for any fandoms.

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